you know since “fuck” and other swears have become such a regular part of my vocabulary they’ve begun to lose impact

so instead I’ve come to realize I’m using non swear words like “heck” for some sort of twisted ironic emphasis 

I have come full circle

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The demon whispers sweet secrets in my ear at night…

Ignorant draw on demon/skull for Lucas, thanks again man.

"   I don’t think you miss me. So I won’t tell you I miss you.   "
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"thats not very lady-like of you"


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"   And how odd it is
to be haunted by someone
that is still alive.   "
I Guess the Old You is a Ghost (#589: June 25, 2014)

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"My boyfriend/girlfriend won’t let me"
Excuse me
What was that?
YOU ¿ 
How lovely congratulations on your 3rd parental guardian”

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